Creating Oral Devices for Our Beaufort Patients

Your smile says a lot about you, and protecting those pearly whites is important at all ages. Aesthetic Dentistry has been helping Beaufort residents since 1973 with oral devices designed to protect their teeth whether they are playing or sleeping. Many people think that a mouthguard is only for when you play sports. However, you can damage your teeth while you’re enjoying your nightly snooze as well. People grind their teeth, whether because of a bite misalignment or stress, and a sleep guard helps protect your bite when you’re gnashing subconsciously. In fact, one of our most popular services is fitting patients for sleep guards, but we can also provide you with a sports mouthguard or other needed oral device.
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How They Benefit Your Health

A mouthguard is exactly what its name says it is – an oral device designed to protect your mouth. You know that when you play a contact sport you need a sports mouthguard to protect you from having a few teeth knocked out. You might also need protection when you sleep or while awake if you clench your jaw or wear braces. These guards provide an additional layer should you get hit in the mouth, and between your top and bottom rows when at rest, which prevents the enamel from being ground down as you wiggle your mandible back and forth. We also specialize in what’s called a sleep appliance, which helps those with sleep apnea or those who are heavy snorers. You’ll be surprised how much safer you play and better you rest with the appropriate guard or sleep appliance.

Custom-Created to Suit Your Needs

Aesthetic Dentistry in Beaufort will not just help you get into the correct guard or appliance. We will custom make your mouthpiece for maximum comfort and protection. We also custom-make and -fit partial dentures for our patients, so please call us for an appointment today at 843-524-6410.