We Offer Beautiful Dentures for Our Patients in Beaufort

Restore your beautiful smile with a set of dentures fitted to your mouth by the professionals at Aesthetic Dentistry. We have been helping patients in Beaufort since 1973, so we know a thing or two about the perfect set of new teeth. It doesn’t matter if you need a full set or partial dentures. We can replace your missing incisors, canines, premolars and molars. When you visit our office, we will examine your mouth and take X-rays, impressions and measurements to determine if any additional teeth need removal and to ensure your new teeth fit securely. There’s nothing worse than a loose set of dentures, so we’ll make certain that doesn’t happen with personalized adjustments after your dentures are made. Our goal is to give you a perfect set of teeth once again.

We Can Fit You for Partials as Well

As briefly touched on above, we also fit our patients with partial dentures if they still have some healthy teeth left. Partials are made custom to fill in the gaps and then affix to your natural teeth with invisible clasps. What’s nice about this cosmetic piece is it can be removed nightly and cleaned to keep your smile as white as can be. Another benefit is medical. If you leave the spaces where your natural teeth once were open, you can encourage bacterial growth that has been shown to cause health problems. There’s no need to harm your health when we can fit you comfortably with a set of new teeth.
Smiling Old Man - Aesthetic Dentistry in Beaufort, SC
Aesthetic Dentistry sees patients in Beaufort for all sorts of dental work, contact us today at 843-524-6410 and let us beautify your smile.